Why Choose
Polite Payroll?

No entity, no stress, and also no need for a local office with an address registered as a subsidiary, account with a local bank, or need to navigate 
tax and HR laws.

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The Polite Difference

Taking care of your payroll from A to Zed.

  • Obtaining the business number on your behalf
  • Invoice in USD
  • Direct debit your US account (you don’t need a local bank account)
  • SOC certified software
  • Canadian owned and operated
  • PCP qualified payroll employees

Here’s a quick overview of Canadian Payroll:

  • Statutory Holidays: 9-10 days a year
  • Employee Status: No exempt/non-exempt
  • Vacation Pay: Min 2 weeks
  • Paid Time Off: Based on duration at company
  • General Taxation: Varies by province
  • Payroll Cycle: Twice a month (Varies per province)
  • Termination Requirements: Documentation
  • Deductions: Statutory - Government Pension, Employment Insurance, Tax Mandatory - Garnishments, Company benefit plan, Union Voluntary - RRSP (401K), Supplementary 
benefits, Etc

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